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Tina Kim Gallery, 《Return to Color : Ha Chong-Hyun》

08 May 2021 - 30 June 2021


Installation view of Return to Color : Ha Chong-Hyun at TinakimGallery, 2021, Image courtesy of the artist and TinaKimgGallery. Photo by Hyungjung Rhee

Tina Kim gallery presents Return to Color, a solo exhibition of works by Ha Chong-Hyun. He is one of the leading members of the Dansaekhwa movement in Korea, which began in the 1970s. He graduated from Hongik University in 1959, and served as the Dean of the Fine Arts College from 1990 to 1994. And then From 2001 to 2006, he was the director of the Seoul Museum of Art.

This is a third solo exhibition of him in this gallery ; the exhibition will examine the artist's relationship with color, and highlights his transition in practice from 'earth-toned' to polychromatic works.

"An artist should constantly grapple with color. And I thought I would be able to finally complete the puzzle of my art when I fill in the missing color" - Ha Chong-Hyun

He is best known for his Conjunction series, which he began in the 1970s ; he developed his signature style through these works. The method of thick paint, creating a texture through pushing oil paint from the back of the hemp canvas, became his iconic style. Although Ha Chong-Hyun is famous for his monochrome paintings, this exhibition highlights another perspective on his oeuvre, by presenting his Post-Conjunction series that illuminates a fuller, well-rounded discourse on his practice. He opens himself to use more diverse range of colors in his Post-Conjunction series. A colorful oil pigments seep through each canvas consisting of multiple panels, painted with colorful gradations.

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