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Gallery Hyundai, Lee Kang-So, 《From a Dream》

16 June 2021 - 01 Aug 2021

Image provided by Gallery Hyundai

Image courtesy of Gallery Hyundai.

Gallery Hyundai presents Lee Kang-so's solo exhibition, which shows a careful selection of approximately thirty paintings created between the late 1990's until 2021. This exhibition focuses on newer pieces and the artist's creative essence that they reveal. The viewers will witness the coexistence between dynamic brushstrokes dashed in a single movement and large scale paintings with bold margins, rough brushstrokes in multiple layers. His work also shows recognizable forms such as birds or boats as icons since the late 1980's. His monotone paintings of greyscale or black and white radically contrasted with blindingly vibrant colors that materialize the sense of infinite space upon flat canvas.

Lee Kang-So has demonstrated a multidisciplinary practice across installation, performance, photography, video, print, painting, and sculpture, unbound to a particular trend or formal methodology. This exhibit explores how his unique worldview is materialized in his works and which kinds of problematics are shared by experimental works in the 1970's and paintings from 1980's to the present despite their formal differences. He views our seemingly self-explanatory world as dreamlike in reality.

"To me, this world is full of immense mysteries. It is at the same time dizzyingly complex and fearsome. After all things extinguish, their atoms never disappear, but they only scatter, repeating birth and death with cause and effect unknown in tandem with the structure of this universe. This endless continuance of birth and death will extend towards the furthest corner of the universe"(from artist's note)

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