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Asian Art Museum, 《Likeness and Legacy in Korean Portraiture》

27 Aug 2021 - 09 Nov 2021


〈Heo Nanseolheon〉, 2005, by Yun Suknam (Korean, b. 1939). Mixed media. Collection of the artist. Photograph © Yun Suknam.

Asian Art Museum presents First major Exhibition of Korean Portraiture in U.S. 《Likeness and Legacy in Korean Portraiture》 examines Korea's Past and Present.

The exhibition presents exquisite traditonal draft paitning and finished paintings alongside innovative sculptures, mixed media, and paintings from recent decades. It presents the portraits from the Joseon dynasty to the contemporary era. It will help the visitors to see how the role of portraitures evolved in the context of Korean culture and history, as the Hyonjeong Kim Han(Associate Curator of Korean Art, Asian Art Museum) states, "This allows visitors to understand how the role of portraiture has evolved in establishing identity and legacy, and to see how portraits navigate the shifting boundaries betwen the individual and the collective, espeically in the larger context of Korean culture and recent history." She also explains, "What Makes Likeness and Legacy unique is that we move beyond a specific moment in time to pair the traditional draft paintings with a selection of finished portraits on silk as well as contemporary appraoches to portraiture by Korean and Korean American artists."

Korean contemporary artists including Yun Suk-nam and Suh Do-ho are part of this exhibition.

Suh Do-ho's photographic prints show a standardized appearance of a typical student at that time while Yun Suk-nam presents portraits of 16th century female poet Heo Nanseolheon.

There will be a symposium on Sep.11. A conversation betwen two participating artists, Ahree Lee and Yun Suknam will take place on Oct.7.For additional information, visit the website.


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