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PERROTIN Hong Kong, 《LEE BAE, Paradigm of Charcoal》

07 Aug 2021 - 11 Sep 2021


PERROTIN Hong Kong is presenting, 《Paradigm of Charcoal》, a solo exhibition from Korean artist Lee Bae, based in Paris, France, and Cheongdo, South Korea.

This exhibition is Lee Bae's 4th solo exhibition, visualizing his decades-long affinity for employing charcoal as the artistic material and celebrate his experimental and contemporary approach to monochrome. This exhibition features a wide range of his charcoal works, showing how the artists worked with charcoal throughout of his artistic career. Charcoal is his main artistic medium since he arrived in Paris and his use of black-and white works are influenced from the Korean monochrome painting from the 1970s.

Lee Bae studied under Park Seo-Bo, one of the great founders of the Dansaekhwa movement and he was also influenced by his mentor Lee Ufan, another pioneer and internationally recognized Dansaekhwa master. The gallery states, "Just as many other post-Dansaekhwa artists who have studied in the United States and Europe, Lee does not only regard art as a praxis of self-contemplation;but also as an agent to represent the artist’s consciousness, revealing a different stream of thoughts compare to the first-generation artists", demonstrating how second-generation DanSaekhwa artists experimented with idiosyncratic materials and media. In his case, this material was a charcoal. Through the use of blackness and whiteness, his loci of energy, or qi, is presented; through the seamless and rhythmic brushstrokes, his worldview is presented.


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