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2021 Cheongju Craft Biennale, 《Tools for Conviviality》

08 Sep 2021 - 17 Oct 2021


2021 Cheongju Craft Biennale opens from September 8th to October 17th. The theme of this exhibition,' Tools for Conviviality', was borrowed from the book, Tools for Conviviality(1973), written by Ivan Illich(1926-2002), who sharply criticized societies in which tools dominate people, arguing that "restrictions should be imposed on the growth of tools" to restore our humanity. This exhibition tries to demonstrates how contemporary crafts can deliver a message of healing and hope to people in a rapidly changing society.

Over 380 pieces of artworks by 99 artists from 23 countries are included. The exhibition is divided into four parts. The first section, 'Labor-Archaeology of Objects' presents artworks demonstrating the mature skills and experience of artists who have developed their craft through long-term experience and exploration into materials and skills. The second section, 'Life-Aesthetics of Everyday LIfe' introduces the physical form and functions of handcrafted products, as well as their value in our lives and their cultural context. The third section, 'Language - Distribution of Sensitiblity' will introduce an opportunity for visitors to think about the position of craft amid changing situation(ongoing COVID-19 pandemic). And the last section, 'Archive-Retooling' aims to introduce changes in physical tools, and the history of craft.


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