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Gana Art, Kim Kulim《Yin and Yang》

17 Sep 2021 - 17 Oct 2021


Gana Art presents a solo exhibition of Kim Kulim, who is considered a pioneer of an experimental art in Korea. He has been experimenting with various genres such as painting, sculpture, happening, installation, and land art. In 《Yin and Yang》, Kim Kulim's paintings, objects, drawings are exhibited and 20 new works are introduced.

In his Yin and Yang series, irrelavent two images are represented. Both digital image and his brushstrokes coexist within a canvas. The theme of his works are opposition and unison of images, and he focused on the fundamental concept of Yin and Yang. The gallery states, through these works, the artist tries to give message toward reality of people, his attempt to free them from oppression. The artist presented works that criticizes the present system and contermporary life, presenting an avant-garde attitude.


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