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MMCA, 《Korea Artist Prize 2021》

20 Oct 2021 - 20 Mar 2022

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MMCA is presenting Korea Artist Prize 2021 from Wednesday, 20 October 2021 to Sunday, 20 March , 2022. This year, Kim Sangjin, Bang Jeong-A, Oh Min, and Choi Chan Sook have been selected as 4 finalists. These artists have been actively producing works in their respective fields such as sculpture, installation, painting, and video. In this exhibition, they will be addressing contemporary issues through those various media, suggesting new discourse for the Korean art scene.

Launched in 2012, Korea Artist Prize is a representative award program co-organized by MMCA and SBS Foundation to support, promote and sponsor aritsts who present new possibilities for Korean contemporary art. The final winner of the Korea Artist Prize 2021 will be announced in 2022. The winner will be named as the "2021 Artist of the Year" and will be awarded an additional grant of KRW 10 million.

In this exhibition, Kim Sangjin presents his new works titled 〈Lamp in video game use real electiricty〉, which focuses on the impact of people's experience in virtual reality platforms - social media, cryptocurrency, and metaverse on the real world as well as the phenomena that stem from such effects. Bang Jeong-A introduces 〈Heumul-heumul〉, focusing on an incident that had been hidden underneath her daily life. Oh Min presents 〈Heterophony〉 , the installation work that involves five monitors and dimensional sound. The exhibition presents audiences with a synaesthetic experience of the contemporary moment involving not only images and sound but also light and physical aspects. Choi Chan Sook unveils 〈qbit to adam〉, a 4-channel video and sound installation, highlighting on the history of human's labor and land ownership from mining of the past to today's cryptocurrency mining, and the irony that exists between the two.

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