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MMCA, 《Park Soo Keun : The Naked Tree Awaiting Spring》

11 Nov 2021 - 01 Mar 2022


Tree and Two Women, 1962, oil on canvas, 130×89㎝, Leeum Museum of Art Collection, shown at the International Liberty Art Exhibition. Image provided by MMCA.

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea is presenting 《Park Soo Keun : The Naked Tree Awaiting Spring》 at MMCA Deoksugung from 11 November 2021 to 1 March 2022. This exhibition is co-organized by the Park Soo Keun Museum in Yanggu-gun.

《Park Soo Keun : The Naked Tree Awaiting Spring》 offers a new perspective on his works, which has been previously only known through the keywords “beloved among Koreans,” “love for his neighbors,”
“good-hearted,” and “sincere.” The exhibition focuses on the postwar period, which the artist lived and show his achievements. And it rather focuses on his lesser known activities, which are emphasized through the addition of new archival materials and research findings. These were emerged from a project supervised by the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) between 2016 and 2018 for the publication of a catalogue raisonné of his artwork.

Park Soo Keun_ The Naked TreeAwaiting Spring_Exhibition View 02.JPG

Park Soo Keun, The Naked TreeAwaiting Spring Exhibition View. Image provided by MMCA.

The exhibition adopts 4 main themes : "self-education", "postwar Korean art", "ordinary people", and "Korean aesthetics." And the exhibition consists 4 parts : The Boy Who Loved Millet, US Army and Exhibitions, People of Changsin-dong, and The Naked Tree Awaiting Spring.

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