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Hyundai Blue Prize Design, 《Do You Miss the Future?》

09 Dec 2021 - 31 Mar 2022


Manuel Rossner, 〈Ideal Disruption〉, 2021, site-specific digital installation (Accessible in an App), and digital Print, 300x300cm. © HyundaiMotorStudio Busan

The Hyundai Blue Prize Design is an award created by Hyundai Motor Company to foster and support design curators, aiming to cultivate a deeper understanding and a sense of passion in design by nurturing global design curators with insight and initiative. It highlights the value of design closely connected with everyday human life under Hyundai's brand vision of 'Progress for Humanity'. The award will be held at the Hyundai Motorstudio Busan.

The theme of this year's Hyundai Blue Prize Design is 'Value of Time'. This exhibition is curated by the award winner Somi Sim. It explores how to imagine a future 30 years from now where it is becoming increasingly difficult to image the future. The exhibition title is borrowed from the title of a 2014 interview with cultural critic Mark Fisher. He shares his concerns over cultural regression and the loss of an idea of future time. This exhibition searches for the lost time of the future belonging to a human race living in the widespread anxiety of the present through the perspectives of designers, visual artists, and researchers.

《Do You Miss the Future?》 consists of 4 themes - city, labor, object, and the near future. This exhibition ultimately directs us to the following quesiton : "What kind of humans are we being designed to become, in what kind of world?"

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