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Kukje Gallery, 《Kwon Young-Woo》

09 Dec 2021 - 30 Jan 2022

[Kukje Gallery] Kwon Young-Woo_Untitled_1982.jpg

Kwon Young-Woo, 〈Untitled〉, 1982, Korean paper, 121X94cm, Courtesy of the artist's estate and Kukuje Gallery. Photo by Chunho An, Image provided by Kukje Gallery.

The creator made everything but did not give a name. Nature itself is an abstraction. I only discover, choose, reform, and add from various phenomena in nature. – Kwon Young-Woo

Kukje Gallery is presenting a solo exhibition of Kwon Young-Woo, a leading artist of the Dansaekhwa movement through January 30, 2022. The exhibition will shocase his works from the Paris period(1978-1989), works made by white hanji(Korean paper), and colored hanji works produced after he came back to Korea in 1989, which are represented for the first time. In addition, works made from the 2000s that incorporate geometric shapes by overlapping hanji will also be shown. Thus, the viewers will be able to reflect on the overview of Kwon Young-Woo's practice and his development throughout his career.

18 works from the Paris period are presented in the second floor. His colored works and layered hanji works from the 2000s are presented in the first floor. Using hanji, main medium of the work, he mixed western gouache and meok(chinese ink) to add color, creating black, dark brown, and yellow tones. These colored works are shown to the public for the first time. In his most recent works, he reveals geometric shapes through the thin layers of hanji on wooden panels.


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