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MMCA, 《Masquerade》

13 April 2022 - 31 July 2022

KWON Jinkyu, Mask, 1960s, Terra-cotta, MMCA Collection.jpg

KWON Jinkyu, Mask, 1960s, Terra-cotta, MMCA Collection. Image provided by MMCA.

MMCA is presenting 《Masquerade》 from 13 April to 31 July at MMCA Gwacheon. This exhibition composed of 31 contemporary artworks by Korean and international artists. These works are all from museum's collection.

During the pandemic, mask-wearing became a daily routines. Many contemporary artists used various approaches to interpreted masks. This exhibition explores the symbolic meaning of "masks", covering one's face.

The exhibition will show 41 artworks by contemporary artists including Kwon Jinkyu, Nam Kwan,
Christian Boltanski, Sung Neungkyung, Kim Jungwook, and Zach Blas, etc,. The works are exhibited to create a natrual flow, which allows the viewers to connect to the artworks.


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