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MMCA, 《My Your Memory》

08 April 2022 - 07 Aug 2022

[My Your Memory] Yang Junguk,Fatigue Always Comes with a Dream (2013).jpg

Yang Junguk, 〈Fatigue Always Comes with a Dream〉, 2013, Image provided by MMCA>

MMCA is presenting 《My Your Memory》, from Friday, April 8 to Sunday, August 7 at MMCA Seoul. The word "memory" refers to "the storage of impressions, events, experiences, and other information by the human brain, as well as the phenomenon of recalling those things after the passage of time". In this exhibition, the artists show their insights on the various memories of individuals, communities, and societies. MMCA states that this exhibition was designed to explore what standards we should be adopting for our lives in a historical situation when the informion shifts rapidly.

The exhibition includes 13 artists/artist teams from Korea and overseas : Louise Bourgeois, Akram Zaatari, Anri Sala, Andy Warhol, Yang Junguk, Lim Yoonkyung, Cecilia Vicuña, Cyprien Gaillard, Song Joowon, Herman Kolgen, Mioon, Park Hyesoo, and Hong Soun. The exhibition is divided into 3 sections : "My Your Memory", "Here and Now", "That Time, That Place".

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