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MMCA, 《Prayer for Life》

01 June 2022 - 25 Sep 2022


Lee Ufan, Relatum, 1979, Watercolor on paper, 64.8x54.5cm, Image provided by MMCA.

The MMCA(The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) presents a special exhibition of 《Prayer for Life: Korean Polychrome Painting》 at MMCA Gwacheon.

This exhibition shows around 80 works from diverse genres classified by function including traditional folk and decorative court paintings and modern folk paintings, craftworks, designs, calligraphy, and other types of works. 60 artists in fields not only Kang Yobae, Park Daesung, Park Saengkwang, Shin Sangho, Ahn Sangsoo, Oh Yoon, Lee Jongsang, and the patriarch of Korean Buddhism Seongpa but also modern folk painters including Song Kyutae, Oh Soonkyung, Moon Sunyoung, and Lee Youngsil.

This exhibition is also the first by the MMCA to be virtually reproduced on the online exhibition space Digital Twin Museum, offering an onsite experience to audiences.

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