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Kukje Gallery, 《Colors of Yoo Youngkuk》

09 June 2022 - 21 Aug 2022

[Kukje Gallery] Yoo Youngkuk_Work_1977_edited.jpg

Yoo Youngkuk(1916-2020), Work, 1977, Oil on canvas, 32x41cm, Courtesy of Yoo Youngkuk Art Foundation, Image provided by Kukje Gallery

Kukje Gallery presents Colors of Yoo Youngkuk, the 20th memorial exhibition of the pioneering Korean abstract painter Yoo Youngkuk from June 9 to August 21, with an emphasis on Yoo’s lasting legacy of abstract and formal experimentation.

Colors of Yoo Youngkuk commemorates the 20th anniversary of the artist’s death by surveying his art historical legacy, highlighting works that display the essence of the artist’s distilled formal aesthetic with his signature motifs of mountains and nature that are portrayed with vibrant primary colors and meticulously calculated geometric compositions.

The exhibition explores the full spectrum of Yoo Youngkuk’s abstract art, acknowledging his stature as one of the pioneers of Korean modernism, and exploring how Yoo’s groundbreaking artistic practice and creative methods enable us to see nature within us.


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