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Ulsan Art Museum, 《Yeondoo Jung: Craw’s Eye View》

28 April 2022 - 31 July 2022

Yeondoo Jung2.jpg

Yeondoo Jung, Crow’s Eye View(烏瞰圖), Running Time per Immersive Vidieo : 14' 16", Image provided by Ulsan Art Museum

Ulsan Art Museum presents Yeondoo JUNG: Crow’s Eye View(烏瞰圖) at the museum's Immersive Media Art Laboratory(XR Lab). This exhibition displays a view of Ulsan from the perspective of a crow. Inspired by a homonymous poem by Sang YI(1910~1937), the artist depicts a flock of crows traveling to look for habitats, portraying the wandering citizens without any forever homeland today. The artist depicts Ulsan based on the documentary, but in fact, metaphorically reflects the dream of a city that we should aim for.


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