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Busan Museum of Art, 《Highlighting Korean Contemporary Artist IV - Hyungkoo Lee》

29 Mar 2022 - 07 Aug 2022

화면 캡처 2022-06-21 172854.jpg

Hyungkoo Lee, Altering Facial Features with H-WR, 2007, Digital pigment print, diasec, 121×121 cm, Image provided by Busan Museum of Art

Busan Museum of Art has presented an exhibition titled Highlighting Korean Contemporary Artist to introduce significant artists in the contemporary art of Korea. Highlighting Korean Contemporary Artist IV- Hyungkoo Lee being held in 2022 as the fourth show sheds light on the oeuvre of Hyungkoo Lee, an artist that has carried on his thoughts and artistic approach on the concept of “human body” using a unique figurative language. This exhibition is intended to examine significant meanings of the body which penetrate into the entire scope of his works, and rethink the prestige of human body with untapped artistic potentials.


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