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Kukje Gallery, 《Heejoon Lee》

01 July 2022 - 14 Aug 2022

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Heejoon Lee installation view, Image provided by Kukje Gallery

Kukje Gallery presents a solo exhibition by Heejoon Lee from July 1 to August 14 at the gallery’s Busan space.

Heejoon Lee's abstract paintings combine painting and photography, taking images he gathers from his life from both his immediate surroundings as well as places he has traveled. The artist collects these images, editing and incorporating them into paintings that combine print media with a distinctive vocabulary of painted geometric shapes. The images of fleeting moments that the artist has compiled onto the canvas propose a new dimension of space through the layers of paint that don the artist’s sentiments and experiences.

The artist’s first solo exhibition with Kukje Gallery will be comprised of 20 new paintings continuing his most representative series, A Shape of Taste (2018-) and Image Architect (2021-), alongside four sculptures that derive from his paintings.


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