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Gallery Hyundai, Shin Sung Hy,《Espace Pictural》

05 July 2022 - 30 July 2022


Installation View of 'Shin Sung Hy : Espace Pictural' at Gallery Hyundai Dugahun, Image provided by Gallery Hyundai

Gallery Hyundai presents a solo exhibition by Shin Sung Hy, Espace Pictural from July 5 to July 30 at the Gallery Hyundai Dugahun

Focusing on paper drawings created by Shin between the 1980s and 1990s, Espace Pictural explores the original artistic vision of an artist who pioneered the realm of “painting beyond painting,” where the two-dimensional coexists with the three-dimensional. To show the organic continuity in Shin Sung Hy’s body of work, the exhibition also features work from his painting series Collage, Solution de Continuité, and Nouage, which show close connections with the methodology behind his drawings.

The focus of the exhibition Espace Pictural is on his paper-based drawings, which offer a glimpse into the artist’s cheerful yet serious experimental series as he worked to achieve major transformations in his body of work in roughly ten-year cycles. His paper drawings from the 1980s and early 1990s would lay the groundwork for two of his defining series—Solution de Continuité and Nouage—as the canvas was decided upon as a support structure. With their varied colors and three-dimensional shapes, Shin’s Solution de Continuité and Nouage work aspired to maximalism, but his drawings capture the eye with their minute, minimal detail.

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