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CR Collective, Seungkyu Jung, 《Fragmentation》

04 Aug 2022 - 27 Aug 2022

정승규 개인전 포스터.jpg

CR Collective presents Seungkyu Jung's solo exhibition, Fragmentation from August 4 to August 27, 2022.

Artist Seungkyu Jung anually manipulates existing images such as documentary photos and movies, revealing doubts about the image and creating multiple narratives, creating cracks in people's belief systems.

The titled, Fragmentation, is a term that dictates the artist's style and reveals his point of view. Recently, "fragmentation," often referred to as coding terms, means generating different screen or behavior results depending on different web browsers, such as safari and chrome, and developers perceive it as a problem that needs to be addressed to provide the same experience. "Fragmentation" does not just refer to a state in which multiple narratives coexist, but rather to dismantle the narrative world as a whole and reconstruct multiple overlaid worlds through it. He creates a fragmented narrative by questioning a complete story consisting of perfect images and seamlessness in this exhibition.


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