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SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art 《Do Ho Suh and Children Artland》

26 July 2022 - 12 Mar 2023

Do Ho Suh and Children.jpg

Do Ho Suh and Children, Artland, 2022. Children’s modelling clay, dimensions variable. Photo: Prudence Cuming Associates. © Aami Suh, Omi Suh and Do Ho Suh, Image provided by SeMA

The Seoul Museum of Art presents a participatory exhibition in collaboration with artist Do Ho Suh, which engages children in the creative process. Over the past seven years, Suh and his family have been creating a fantastical ecosystem called Artland out of children’s modeling clay. The circumstances of the pandemic and isolation allowed the family to reflect more deeply on the conversation that Artland invited.

Artland is both an imaginary world and, with the participation of others, an ever-expandable platform that celebrates the unique creative potential of the child’s mind. Artland is inhabited by diverse species of animals and plants, while its peculiar climate and soil result in different growth cycles and conditions for its flora and fauna to those on Earth.

The Artland project aims to create a cultural event in which people can come together while thinking about their responsibilities to the environment and developing their creative potential through ordinary play materials. By giving children opportunities to express themselves and feel more confident in the process, Artland intends to have a lasting and meaningful impact on our communities.


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