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Artnoid178, Kyukun Kang, 《Nowhere Days》

10 Aug 2022 - 30 Aug 2022

강규건 개인전.JPG

Artnoid178 presents Kyukun Kang's solo exhibition Nowhere Days from August 10 to August 30.

Kyukun Kang usually takes photography and reveals "unpredictable scenes" on the screen, intentionally excluding narratives from photographs and images. He captures a moment that shines brightly like an oxidizing flame, divided into "now, here".

For modern people who live in anxiety about the unknown future while living in the present, Kyukun Kang's works in this exhibition are both faint and intense. In this exhibition, the artist hopes that the audience will focus on the days they have met in the daily life of "Now, Here" through their work, just like the daily life they meet on a cool night walk.


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