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Hakgojae, Youngju Joung, 《Another World》

27 July 2022 - 21 Aug 2022

정영주 개인전 포스터.JPG

Youngju Joung, Another World, 2022, Paper on Canvas, Acrylic, 194x259cm

Hakgojae presents Youngju Joung's solo exhibition Another World from July 27 to August 21.

This exhibition is the first exhibition held by Youngju Joung at Hakgojae. 28 works produced from 2018 to 2022 will be presented in the main exhibition space and the O-Room. YoungJu Joung created the shape of the mountains by pasting sheets of paper; likewise, she formed the houses by pasting and cutting paper.

Youngju Joung(b. 1970) uses the landscape of the Daldongne(poor village) where he lived with his family when she was young, as material for her work. For the artist, Daldongne in her memory was a resting place for those who were tired of their daily life and a home for a better tomorrow. The artist produces a piece of Papier collé technique that cuts and pastes Korean paper called Hanji on canvas. This is a way of making a shape of a shack leaning against each other and then coloring the paint. The first screen reveals the atmosphere of a simple neighborhood, and adds lights to it to complete the work. In this exhibition, you can feel the warmness of the family and the warmth of the hometown by the streetlight that warms up the narrow alleyway.


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