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Space CAN, Youngjoo Jeon, 《Normal Mapping》

16 Aug 2022 - 29 Aug 2022

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Youngjoo Jeon's solo exhibition Normal Mapping is being held from August 16 to 29 at Space CAN in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.

Youngjoo Jeon brings out doubts about things that are taken for granted in our daily life and expresses them in her work. It captures the bizarreness of the scene writing the texture of ordinariness and revealing it in paintings or reveals the things that are covered in essence, such as making three-dimensional sculptures modeled after the surface of the painting.

In this exhibition, she shows a new work has been solved by borrowing 3D graphics technology "Normal Mapping". "Normal mapping" is a technique that specifies the reflection angle of light by describing detailed points in a plane without realizing all bumps on the surface of an object that you want to reproduce on a 3D program. "Normal" means "normal" in mathematics at the same time as "normal," and "normal mapping" is the name called because it shakes the normal to look three-dimensional. Each section of the graphic model at this time is flat but looks like a three-dimensional figure with various curves. She unravels these graphic techniques by applying textures to mimic three dimensions in a plane. Through this, it is intended to redefine the flatness of painting and present the possibility of three-dimensional painting.


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