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MMCA, 《MMCA Cheongju Project 2022: Urban Resonance》

24 Aug 2022 - 27 Nov 2022

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The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea (MMCA) presents MMCA Cheongju Project 2022: Urban Resonance. Running from 24 August to 27 November, the exhibition is hosted at MMCA Cheongju Art Storage Center.

MMCA Cheongju Project is a series of regular exhibitions that transcend the boundaries of the conventional exhibition hall, expanding themes of the city and everyday space into outdoor and public settings. By hosting exhibitions produced “on-site” in a dynamic setting, the project aims to promote active communication between artworks and viewers.

Artists Kwon Byungjun, Kim Seoryang, Kim Joon and Team TRIAD use the outdoor space in front of the museum building and public spaces on its first and sixth floors to introduce works embodying the sounds of the urban environment. This year’s project comprises four themes: ‘City and Factory’ (Kim Seoryang), ‘City, Regeneration and Circulation’ (Team TRIAD), ‘Nature and City’ (Kim Joon) and ‘City and War’ (Kwon Byungjun). By collecting and refining the everyday sounds that we ignore and disregard as mere noise, the six artists ask us to re-perceive the places and cities in which we live.

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