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Coreana Museum of Art, Sooyeon Hong 《Draw Elephant: Abstract》

30 Aug 2022 - 29 Oct 2022

코리아나미술관 홍수연.png

Sooyeon Hong's solo exhibition Draw Elephant: Abstract will be held at the Coreana Museum of Art from August 30 to October 29.

Artist Sooyeon Hong works on abstract paintings and constructs unstructured forms of work that swim on a calm monochrome background to create a balance and tension that pushes and pulls each other on the canvas. Recently, she has shown paintings that overlap, partially dismantle, and express energy. This exhibition will be held on the 30th anniversary of Sooyeon Hong's first solo exhibition in Korea in 1992, and consists of about 30 artworks, including 15 new paintings and 2 new video works, including image layers hidden in two-dimensional paintings, time, speed, and space.

For further information: Coreana Museum of Art


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