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Leeum Museum of Art, 《Cloud Walkers》

02 Sep 2022 - 08 Jan 2023

View of Cloud Walkers, Leeum Museum of Art, Seoul, 2022..png

View of Cloud Walkers, Leeum Museum of Art, Seoul, 2022.

The Leeum Museum of Art presents Cloud Walkers from September 1 2022 to January 8 2023.

The genesis of Cloud Walkers, an exhibition by Leeum Museum of Art, lives in this line of questioning. The “cloud” here speaks to climate, imagination, and hyperlinks alike; it stands as a metaphor for the new sociocultural environment of the 21st century and serves as a virtual platform for sharing across geopolitical boundaries. The works in this exhibition are by those who move freely through this cloud world—the walkers and flâneurs, workers and doers, dreamers and visionaries. Coming from a wide range of backgrounds, these artists bring new and critical perspectives to the issues faced by our contemporary—and future—society. Striking a balance between mutual benefit and technological development, they start from a place of accountability about the state of our planet and work toward sustainable coexistence in both research and practice, freely reconstituting huge data sets as they unfurl their strange and seemingly limitless imaginations across time and space, inviting us to experience new synesthetic worlds of intersections between material and immaterial, real and virtual. In this exhibition, you can glimpse some of the fresh possibilities and dynamism inherent in Asian art writ large, refracted through the diverse worlds depicted by these guides who walk slightly ahead, a few steps already into the future.


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