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Leeum Museum of Art, 《Sojung Jun: Green Screen》

23 Aug 2022 - 29 Jan 2023

Green Screen.png

Sojung Jun, Green Screen, 2021, Courtesy of the artist and Leeum Museum of Art.

The Leeum Museum of Art presents Sojung Jun's exhibition Sojung Jun: Green Screen from August 23 2022 to January 29 2023.

Sojung Jun is mainly works in diverse mediums including video, sound, sculpture, and publication, to create non-linear space and time that evokes new perceptions of history and the present. Exploring ways in which change of physical boundaries penetrates everyday sensual experiences, she traces the scenes, moments, and voices of the people excluded from our contemporary sense of speed.

Presented on the media wall in Leeum’s lobby, Sojung Jun: Green Screen is composed of three of her works related to the experience and imaginary of borders: Green Screen (2021), Eclipse (2020), and Early Arrival of Future (2015). Considering the media wall’s unusual location in a lobby connecting the museum’s various spaces and serving as an arcade for temporary gatherings, Jun conceived of the program by approaching the media wall as a medium as well as a device. A rather vulnerable space for exhibition, the media wall offered her a device for managing time and maximizing senses – something similar to such fictional spaces located in reality as “portals, wormholes, chukjibeop (a hypothetical method of folding space and shrinking distance), and time travel to the fourth dimension,” as the artist puts it. This view corresponds to how she perceives Korea’s Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) as a twilight zone full of potentials in Green Screen (2021), from which this program’s title is derived.


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