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Leeahn Gallery, KunYong Lee, 《Reborn》

25 Aug 2022 - 29 Oct 2022


View of Reborn, Leeahn Gallery, 2022.

Leeahn Gallery presents KunYong Lee's solo exhibition, Reborn from August 25 to October 29 2022 at the gallery's Seoul location.

As a pioneer of Korean avant-garde art in the 1960s, Lee experiments with his body while limiting his actions in a restricted space. His Bodyscape painting restricts the body to the limit in order to overthrow the conventional concept of seeing and painting while addressing the restricted physical activity due to social control and oppression back in 1976.

In this exhibition, the artist presents his Bodyscape series that is drawn against the background of environmental issues, which are being resurfaced globally since Covid-19. These images are brought to life via Lee’s photographic transcription technique that the artist has been practicing since 2006, which are then painted on freely. Lee's performance art continues to interact with not only the surrounding environment but also the audience, therefore creating an 'event'.


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