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ZKM, Soun-Gui Kim, 《Lazy Clouds》

10 Sep 2022 - 05 Feb 2023

Soun-Gui Kim.jpg

Situation plastique III - Octobre à Bordeaux, 1973, Single-channel video(4:3), Master film 16mm, 13 min 45 sec, © Soun-Gui Kim, courtesy Arario Gallery.

ZKM presents Soun-Gui Kim's solo exhibition Soun-Gui Kim: Lazy Clouds at ZKM in Karlsruhe from September 10, 2022 to February 05, 2023. This is the first solo exhibition in Germany of Korean-French artist Soun-Gui Kim. The exhibition at ZKM is realized in collaboration with the Arario Gallery in Seoul and the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) in Seoul, where it was shown under the same title in 2019.

Starting with works from the 1970s, the presentation will give a comprehensive overview of the artist’s work up to the present-day, ranging from the deconstruction of painting and photography to video and multimedia art. Her works are frequently characterized by their highly participatory nature and are influenced by comparative studies of Eastern and Western culture and philosophy as well as the exploration of language.

With her deepening interest in video and multimedia, she organized video and multimedia and her invitees, with the participation of Nam June Paik, John Cage and others. Since the late 1980s, issues related to the spread of global capitalism and structural changes in society caused by the Internet have become particularly important for her. Today, the artist lives and works in the French countryside near Paris, where in harmony with nature and her surroundings she devotes herself to her art projects that combine philosophy, art and technology.

The title of the exhibition Soun-Gui Kim: Lazy Clouds refers to a specific poem and a book of poetry by the artist which was published in France. At the same time, however, it also exemplifies her personal life plan: completely contrary to capitalist-oriented productivity and performance regime, it is based on the concept of idleness as an artistic, creative, and philosophical principle. Like the clouds that are completely free to find ever new forms in the sky, Soun-Gui Kim devotes herself to her art, playfully, far away from predefined patterns and formalities.


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