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06 Oct 2022 - 30 Oct 2022


The Arts Council Korea(ARCO) presents HANGANG, the 2022 Outstanding Exhibition from October 6 to October 30 in I-Cruise. HANGANG is a contemporary art exhibition organized by curator Joowon Choi and participated by 14 Korean artists, focusing on Hangang which is at the center of modern and contemporary history in Seoul.

The Hangang is a historical place with many stories from the modern era to the present Seoul. The artists approach the Hangang both historically and personally, reconstructing Seoul's modern and contemporary history, thinking about their personal experiences with the Hangang, and looking at the invisible underlying world of consciousness in its history.

HANGANG is the third project of Neo-Hyundaism, a series of modern and contemporary history. Various contemporary art works such as painting, sculpture, installation, and video are presented, and performances and performances are also conducted through exhibition-linked programs.


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