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01 April 2022 - 26 Feb 2023

Yongkwan Kim.PNG

The Busan Museum of Art(BMA) presents a solo exhibition of Yongkwan Kim, ANGULAR CIRCLE is being held at the Children’s Gallery of the BMA. Yougkwan Kim’s oeuvre manifests how science and mathematical thinking are applied to art as he has been active in various domains including flat and three-dimensional work, installation and design.

Showcased are his Angular Circle series for which he cut and pasted the completed figure based on the research of mathematicians, and showed the process of transforming it into a shape close to a circle. From his point of view, an angular shape and a circle respectively symbolize reality and an ideal world. In other words, the process where a split polygon changes into something else close to a circle is a journey of creating an ideal world in which diverse aspects of people are understood and respected. The numerous possibilities and beauty revealed in this process are countless aspects of us, human beings, that have built up relationships with society.

In this exhibition, 26 new works are Introduced, and ANGULAR CIRCLE runs through February 26 2023, at the Children's Gallery on the first basement floor of the Busan Museum of Art.


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