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Hakgojae, Suyoung Heo's solo exhibition

14 Oct 2022 - 19 Nov 2022

Installation View_02 (사진 임장활 Photo by Jang Hwal Lim).jpg

Installation view: A solo exhibtion by Suyoung Heo, Hakgojae, 2022.
Photo by Jang Hwal Lim.

Hakgojae presents a solo exhibition by Suyoung Heo(b. 1984) from October 14 to November 19. It is the first exhibition in 6 years since 2016, and a total of 23 paintings are displayed, including the latest works in 2022.

Suyoung Heo usually captures the overlap time in paintings. The artist has been working to find materials and stack them on the canvas in his daily life. He combines images of various universes as well as natural materials found in the garden to capture the artist's own universe that does not exist in reality. Art critic Youngtaek Park, who wrote the preface to the exhibition, said, "He creates a dense surface by accumulating repeated layers of brushwork, which makes the screen radiate fascinatingly as images, colors, and materials expand." Do not miss the chance to see Suyoung Heo's solo exhibition, closing on November 19.


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