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Ilmin Museum of Art, 《Korean Traditional Painting in Alter-age》

28 Oct 2022 - 08 Jan 2023


The Ilmin Museum of Art presents Korean Traditional Painting in Alter-age, a group exhibition by Korean Artists, showcases a collection of works representative of Korean traditional painting’s subjects, materials, and techniques to examine the present-day Korean traditional painting as a genre of contemporary art.

The exhibition introduces 13 contemporary artists—Noh Hansol, Laurent Grasso, Moon Joohye, Park Grim, Park Sohyun, Park Wunggyu, Park Jieun, Bae Jaemin, Son Donghyun, Lee Eunsil, Jung Haena, Choi Haeri, Hwang Kyumin, who emerged in the 2000s along with icons of Korean traditional painting―who have been championed “indices” in the construct of history―including Kim Jeonghui (the father of Korean calligraphy and painting), his 22 pupils in the museum’s collection, Jeong Seon, Yi Hwang, Saimdang Shin and Yi I.

The show’s organization foment is an investigation of how Korean traditional painting abides in today’s art world and an imagination of the big-picture tradition under the keywords “continuation” and “discontinuation” after parts of it have faded and perished. Presented are historical and contemporary artworks―from its collection and other sources―that demonstrate the qualities of Korean traditional painting. Further, the show explores the reality of today's art faces. The exhibition runs from October 28 to January 8, 2023, in the exhibition Hall 1, 2, 3 and Project Room.


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