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SeMA, Wunggyu Park, 《Dummy Buddha》

30 Oct 2022 - 20 Nov 2022

박웅규 개인전《귀불》 포스터.JPG

The Seoul Museum of Art presents Dummy Buddha, a solo exhibition by Wunggyu Park from October 30 to November 20 at ARTSPACE BOAN1. The exhibition shows the artist’s method of reconstructing traditional Korean and Japanese Buddhist paintings.

Wunggyu Park has dealt with attitudes toward things that are horror or disgusting, so-called ‘negativity’ through the medium of Buddhist painting. In this exhibition, he reconstructs and redraws the parts that were affected by traditional Buddhist paintings in 6 formative perspectives (imitation, composition, form, texture, transformation, and application).

Most works exude a gloomy atmosphere like the exhibition title, Dummy Buddha. Some look like worms, while others look like monsters. The artist released 12 works drawn from 6 perspectives in 12 rooms of BOAN1942. The artist hopes these works will gain new life in the exhibition space, where the flow of time is captured.


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