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Kyobo Art Space, 《Reality》

30 Oct 2022 - 27 Dec 2022

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Kyobo Art Space presents a group exhibition Reality from October 30 to December 27, 2022, involving three artists, Hyungjin Park, Seoyoon Yi, and Hasellin Jeong. This exhibition introduces young artists who work with abstract art such as color, shape, dots, and lines that can be explained or described in detail, such as scenery, objects, people, and events in their daily lives.

Since the mid-2010s, abstract art has drawn the interest of the art field, and works by contemporary abstract artists have been at the center of art discourse. This is because abstract art since the 2000s was different from abstract art in the past, and if abstract art in the past was 'art for art' or 'expressing the emotions of individual artists,' on the contrary, contemporary abstract art became the content of 'reality' elements that were observed in reality. Currently, abstract art is similar in appearance to the past, but the content is totally different. It is abstract art based on details such as 'realistic elements, art related to society rather than for art itself.'

Showcased are the three-member artists' work that shows original drawing methods while deeply thinking about the trend of contemporary abstract art, and the audience experiences the joy of abstract art by observing the subjects selected by the artists.


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