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Gallery Chosun, Houk Lee 《Portal of Mystery》

03 Nov 2022 - 23 Dec 2022

Houk Lee.jpeg

Gallery Chosun presents a solo exhibition by Houk Lee, Portal of Mystery from November 3 to December 23. Houk Lee focuses on landscape ink stick paintings in nature and has been working mainly to break down the twisted inertia of civilization. For him, the natural landscape allows him to immerse himself in the mirror of the face wall looking inward and training to achieve enlightenment.

In the exhibition, he reveals the violence of the formal sector, such as ‘the empire and the colonies,’ ‘human and nature,’ ‘mainstream and others,’ and ‘the birth process of modern countries.’ With the harmony between life and art, he moves toward nature outside civilization to constantly question the system. Titled Portal of Mystery, the exhibition is like a gate to the world of meditation.


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