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SeMA, 《Seokho Kang: 3 Minutes of Happiness》

15 Dec 2022 - 19 Mar 2023

Seokho Kang.jpg

The Seoul Museum of Art presents Seokho Kang's solo exhibition Seokho Kang: 3 Minutes of Happiness as the last exhibition of 2022. Seokho Kang’s (1971-2021) first retrospective exhibition Seokho Kang: 3 Minutes of Happiness complexly portrays the images of Kang, who has expanded his aesthetic taste through the collection and production of design furniture while insisting on his unique way of painting.

The exhibition consists of four chapters, and the title of each chapter covers the artist's paintings by referring to the daily lives of Seokho Kang and major propositions such as sculpture, utopia, and walking. Also, the show presents Kang’s paintings with his writings, collections, and handmade furniture, and will evoke poetic sentiments and rhythms that penetrate his work and the everyday world. This exhibition on the creative world of Seokho Kang, which crosses the boundaries between flat and three-dimensional, art and daily life, and hobbies and work, runs from December 15, 2022, to March 19, 2023.


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