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SeMA, 《Choi Min Collection: Ways of Seeing》

08 Dec 2022 - 07 May 2023

Choi Min.png

The Seoul Museum of Art presents Choi Min Collection: Ways of Seeing from December 8, 2022, to May 7, 2023. The Choi Min Collection is a collection of 161 works and about 25,000 items of materials accumulated by the art critic Choi Min (1944-2018) throughout his life, which was donated to the City of Seoul and the SeMA by his family in 2019-2020. While Choi’s collection demonstrates an outstanding value as individual works, the collection is unparalleled in significance as a group of masterpieces that reflect a critic’s aesthetic viewpoint and his relationships with others.

A widely-acclaimed critic, poet, educator, translator and curator, Choi wrote and worked in a wide range of cultural and artistic fields, including fine art, film, photography and literature. He was the founding member of the art movement group Reality and Utterance which was established in 1979, and his assertion that art should reflect a new perception of reality in the new era influenced many artists at the time.

Choi Min is also known as a translator of #Johnberger's book, Ways of Seeing(1972), translated into Korean as a "Ways of Seeing" instead of a "Seeing in a Different Way,” emphasizing a new way of seeing rather than an academic way. This exhibition introduces a total of 24 works, including painting, photography, sculpture, drawing, engraving, and design, among the Choi Min collections, and you can see Choi Min's aesthetic attentiveness and perspective throughout the exhibition.


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