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The 17th Seoul International New Media Festival (NEMAF2017)

17 Aug 2017 - 25 Aug 2017

Venue: Seoul Art Cinema, Indiespace, Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul Art Space Seogyo, Art Space O, Media Theater iGong and around Hongik University

Seoul International New Media Festival (NeMaf) is the annual festival that shows media-based art with innovative spirit in its themes and forms. “Naming, Dividing and the Possibility of being in-between” is the slogan of this year.

The types of works it features include single-channel video arts, media arts, documentaries, found-footage films, essay films, experimental films, and so on. It takes place at multiple cinemas around Seoul.

It has been founded and showcased more than 2,000 media-based works and discovered 1,000 artists since it was founded in 2000.

The festival is organized by iGong: Alternative Visual Culture Factory.



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