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Deoksugung Outdoor Project

01 Sep 2017 - 26 Nov 2017

Venue: MMCA Deoksugung

Participating artists: AiRan Kang, Kwon Min Ho, Kim Jin Hui, Yang Bang Ean, Oh Jae Woo, Jinjoon Lee, Lim Soo Sik, Jang Min Seung, Jung Yeon Doo

In 2012 in collaboration with Cultural Heritage Administration, MMCA presented Deoksugung Project, which showcased contemporary works of art created on the basis of the rich heritage of Deoksugung Palace. The exhibition was greatly received in the art scene and by the general public.

Now, casting new light on the spiritual and material value of Korea’s cultural heritage, Deoksugung Project 2017 centers on the idea of the coexistence of the past and the present. The project will install contemporary artworks of various forms, including media art, sculpture, and installation art, to speak to the history and environment of Deoksugung Palace. By doing so, it aims to invigorate and enrich the old palace and broaden the communicative horizon between the cultural heritage of the past and the audiences of the present.

In addition, the harmonious conjunction between contemporary art and the cultural heritage of the Korean palace aims to contribute to the enhancement of educational opportunities by developing viewers’ interest in the modern and contemporary history of Korea.



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