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“Urban Ritornello” The Archives on Community

15 Sep 2017 - 03 Dec 2017

Venue: Ilmin Museum of Art

“Urban Ritornello: The Archives on Community” is an archival exhibition concerning a variety of “communities” that have changed since ancient times. Records of such communities are not usually kept in historical literature or historical sources but are mostly anchored in people’s memories and oral statements or are left behind as traces engraved in the domain of life, such as sounds, dances, and rhythms. This exhibition presents the archives artists and researchers in an extensive range of fields such as humanities scholars, sociologists, folk song researchers, documentary directors, and design groups have created from their own multifarious perspectives. This event attempts to shed a new light on knowledge culture that comes from below and the undocumented history of people while standing up to institutionalized norms and established historical facts.

It is also intended to pay heed to quotidian aspects and social phenomena that have changed as conventional communities including nations, people, and society are replaced with temporary, arbitrary, and indeterminate communities formed by new media, especially social networking services (SNS). The exhibition also poses questions concerning the communities that will develop after contemporary people’s lives and relational networks have evolved into a completely different dimension due to new sensibilities, perceptions, and emotions. This also presents a new utopia, i.e. a new community in which an individual engenders his or her own narrative and reconstructs a group’s existential placement as the subject of institutions and arrangements within a community.

CHA Jeamin, Christoph Schlingensief, Christopher Kulendran Thomas, filed-timeline.xyz, HAHN Vad, KANG Hyunseon, KIM Daum, KIM Joon, KIM On, LEE Inkyu, LEE Miyeon, LEE Ung-no, LEE Woosung, Nikki S. LEE, O Yoon, OH Jaewoo, Okin Collective, SIM Cheol-Woong, siren eun young jung, YUSKE Kamata

Researcher's Archives
CHO (HAN) Haejoang, CHO Uhn, KIM Baek Young, KIM Soyoung, PARK Haecheon, SEO Dongjin, YANG Hyosil, YI so-ra

AHN Eun-Me, Complaints Choirs, HONG Sang Pyo, KIM Sungbae, LEE Hee-Moon, Mediact, siren eun young jung+NAM Eunjin+G-Voice, Trans: Asia Screen Culture Institute

Gallery 1, 2, 3

Organized by
Ilmin Museum of Art

Supported by
Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Hyundai Sungwoo Holdings

Curated by
Cho Juhyun



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