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Expression of Landscape

29 Sep 2017 - 31 Dec 2017

Jang Mee, With my father, Mixed materials, Dimensions variable, 2017.

Venue: Daegu Art Museum

Daegu Art Museum’s 2017 Special Exhibition encounters ‘landscape’. The exhibition is about various views, interpretations and attitudes of artists on landscape from the modern times up to date. We would like to delve into how such a comprehensive theme of ‘landscape’ undergoes artists’ journey of contemplation and production of creative outcome in four sections.

starts from their attitudes upon tapping onto western paintings in the modern times and their view towards the world. Oil paintings and water-color paintings of Kim Su-Myeong, Suh Dongjin, Son Il Bong, Lee Kyung-Heeand Lee In Sung, etc. reflect daily lives and urbanscape of Daegu from the ‘30s until the ’50s. In addition, we intend to look into each and every facet in pursuit of the times and figurative characteristics by exhibiting the documentary exhibits related to the artists and their works.

sheds a light on artists who have produced artworks with a focus on figurativeness and resorted to their creative figurative usage at a time when there was a fierce confrontation between figurativeness and non-figurativeness and also when non-figurativeness led the trend, being interpreted as a forward-looking vision.

touches upon attitudes and ways to consider landscape in a broader perspective through various media. Artistic views shown through landscape in Park Hyunki’s video work, and others’ photography depicting colors and forms in scenes through instant capture as well as paintings which look more real than actuality.

focuses on diverse figurative usage through landscape. We are to pay attention to a new expression of today’s landscape paintings: grandiose works reminiscent of historical paintings of landscape with the present aspect and superb narrative-ness of the traditional world of paintings including ink and color paintings, and ink and color paintings, and even up to installation works exhibited in a 3-dimensional manner.

Ways and attitudes to approach landscape might differ by times, and also by artist – seemingly similar, and yet starkly different. Let us encounter works which ‘express’ various questions encountered by visual art dubbed as ‘figurativeness and composition’, ‘dismantlement and recomposition’, ‘representation and illusion’ and ‘narrative and expression’.



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