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Sook-Kyung Lee leads Hyundai Tate Research Centre: Transnational

posted 01 April 2019

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Hyundai Tate Research Centre: Transnational

South Korean curator Dr. Sook-Kyung Lee, Senior Curator of Tate Modern is now in charge of Hyundai Tate Research Centre: Transnational. She is currently curating Nam June Paik, which will premiere at Tate Modern in late 2019 and tour in Europe, USA and Asia. Lee has convened and participated in several international symposia and conferences at Tate and internationally and written and lectured widely on modern and contemporary Asian art with a particular focus on transnational contexts. As a new part of Tate’s research hubs, the centre will promote new ways of interpreting and presenting art through the framework of ‘transnational’; a way of understanding and curating art that encourages the idea that art and its histories are interconnected beyond its country of origin.

Further Information: https://www.tate.org.uk/research/research-centres/hyundai-tate-research-centre-transnational


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