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Call for Artist - The 8th Amado Photography Award

posted 09 Nov 2020


Amado Photography Award, an international photography contest that Amado Art Space hosts in a bid to develop talent among photographers with Asian nationalities, including Korea, marks the 8th year. In the era of digital technology, photography is currently undergoing radical conceptual change in parallel with contemporary changes being observed in the areas of production, distribution and consumption. At the same time, photography continues broadening the horizon while keeping in contact with contemporary art. Amado Photography Award, noting the significance of something inherent in photography as a medium and the extensibility, focuses on reconsidering concept of photography and redefining meaning of photography. To this end, the award aims to develop and support photographers courageous enough to attempt artistic experiments while pondering extensibility of the medium, hoping that it will serve as a momentum to spur steady growth in the future.

Outline of Award:
①Title: 8th Amado Photography Award
②Genre: Photography and Digital Media
③Target Entry: Artists focusing on mainly photography with other digital media/Artists with domestic or Asian nationality below 41 years of age.
④Number of winner: 1
⑤Winning Prize:
-10,000,000 KRW (including artwork production fee, installation fee, and prize money, 8.8% tax)
-curatorial support, production of catalogue, print-outs, exhibition space (Amado Art Space) will be supported.

Entry Information:
①Entry period: 11st-20th, November 2020 / 24:00 (local time Korea)
②Admission of Entry: All entry are processed via email info@amadoart.org
※All emails and files should be titled as follows [Name of Artist_Amado Photography Award]
※We regret to inform you that entry by other means e.g. personal visit or post will not be accepted.

Documents required:
PPT file containing application form and images of work: To be complied with specified form [More or Less 20 pages]
※Above documents should be prepared after downloading the correct forms from our webhard(www.webhard.co.kr) ID: amadoart / Password: 68331 → [Guest folder] “제8회 아마도사진상공모(The 8th Amado Photography Award Form)”pptx.

Further Information :
Amado Art Space


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