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2021 Open Call for Residency Artists

posted 24 Feb 2021


Taepyung Salt Farm X LAMPLAB seeks artists to submit entries for the juried exhibition, ‘Art Like Salt.’ The winners will be chosen to participate in a residency program in Shinan, designated a ‘Slow City’, in South Jeolla Province, South Korea, with the opportunity to create work in any of the following format, photography, video, installation, sculpture, or sound with the theme of ‘Dear Friend'.

2021 Theme : DEAR FRIEND

All of sudden, I thought about how long it has been since we’ve known each other. How time flies. It still feels like yesterday, when we met for the first time. But now we’ve come to know each other so well. I guess we can call each other friends.
Last year was tough. So many things that we’ve never experienced before happened all at once, and is still happening. Crisis, despair, fear…all these negative things flooded all together. Globally, borders have closed and we are locked down and feel trapped inside.
It feels like each day is a gamble, where we risk our lives. Each time I have to go to a place filled with many strangers, like the subway or restaurant, I feel myself shrinking. I long to see my friends, but know I must be careful for fear of causing them harm. We can’t be together with the people we miss, but at the same time, we can’t trust the people we are with by chance. Another hardship during this time.
You and I, we always have been chased by time. That was just life. But who would have guessed the day would come when disease, not another reason, could lock us in? Until now, we devoted ourselves to globalization and digitalization. We believed, as much as these two things are advanced, we are more advanced. But this disease spread faster in developed countries. We believed we could sacrifice anything for freedom and human rights. But there are not many things we can do when faced with the fear of this virus, and that saddens me.
I guess even the darkest of days will eventually pass in the end. I’d like to believe so. A wonderful world might be awaiting us after all this. I’d like to see the day we could relax and talk about how we got through all this as soon as possible. Until then, stay healthy and strong, my friend.
#relationship #personal_boundary #frustration #post-covid19 #hope

Video, photography, installation, sculpture, and/or sound

Benefits for the Winner(s)
① The Winner(s) of the Year (an individual or group) will have the opportunity to participate in a residency program for 12 weeks between May and July, or September and November 2021. (The residency and studio will be provided)
② The artworks of the winner(s) will be exhibited at the Salt Museum located in South Korea, for 5 weeks for each artist.
③ The winner(s) also will be rewarded 5,000,000 KRW (before tax), 500,000 KRW (before tax) every 4 weeks up to 3 times for general expense, and travel expenses up to 1,200,000 KRW (before tax, the proof of airfare is required)

Submission Period and Deadline
February 22nd ~ April 2nd, 2021 24:00 (Korea local time)

Due to the COVID-19, the Korean government is not issuing new visas for foreigners including tourists. You must either have a visa issued before/ Korean citizenship, or currently in South Korea in order to participate in the residency program.

How to Apply
① Complete online application form at https://forms.gle/bLdmz5sfkv1idHJx9
② Submit the PDF(horizontal) file with CV, artist statement, and the 10 ~ 20 images of your artworks (including the info: title, year, dimension, and material) to opencall@LAMPLAB.kr

The winner(s) of the submission will be notified after April 19th, 2021

If you have any questions, email us at opencall@LAMPLAB.kr , Chul S. Lee, Program Manager


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