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Korean Craft 2021, 《All about Attitude》

posted 02 Sep 2021


The 2021 Korean Craft Exhibition will take place during Milan Design Week 2021 at Palazzo Litta in Corso Magenta(a cultural center in Milan) from September 4 to 10.

《All about Attitude》 is the 9th exhibition, and hosted by the ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism, and Korean Craft & Design Foundation of Korea. The exhibition seeks to serve as an opportunity to reflect on both the attitude of crafts and social practices through fundamental introspection on humans. The theme of the exhibition "moves away from crafts ‘of humans, by humans, and for humans’ and seeks horizontal and equal relationships between the numerous agents involved in crafting."

The exhibition is divided into 3 parts : "All About Earthbound", "All About Companion", and "All About Posture". A total of 126 works from 21 artists are participating. Participating artists are Mina Kang, Heeseung Koh, Seulgi Kwon, Seayoung Kim, Joonyong Kim, Wookjae Maeng, Jonggun Park, JongSun Bahk, Yesun Shin, Hyejung Sin, Serin Oh, Kajin Lee, Sanghyeob Lee, Keumhee Lim, Jaenyoung Jang, Hoyeon Chung, Sungho Cho, Hyunyoung Cho, Sowon Joo, Yohan Ji, and Rimm Chae.

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