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[KAMS] Call for Application 'Fund for Korean Art Abroad'

posted 07 Mar 2022


The Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism of Korea and the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) engage in a broad range of international exchange programs designed to introduce Korean contemporary art to audiences worldwide. As a part of this effort, KAMS awards grants, through the Fund for Korean Art Abroad (FKAA), to international art institutions that organize exhibitions and projects outside Korea, for which Korean artists are invited to participate. By offering financial support to international art institutions, KAMS provides opportunities for promising Korean artists to penetrate the international art market and strengthen their network within the global art community.

Eligible applicants
□ Both commercial (including art galleries and art agencies) and nonprofit (including art museums and biennales) international art organizations that invite Korean artists and/or collaborate with Korean partners in contemporary artwork exhibitions.
□ An exhibition agreement(contract) between the international organization and invited Korean artists is required.

Grant amount
□ Each exhibition can receive funds between KRW 3–60 million.

Allowed expenses
□ Airfares and accommodation fees for all participating Korean artists and one curator
□ Artworks shipping costs
□ Costs required to promote the exhibition
□ Promotional video production and critique costs, English translation fees

Required documents
(1) Application form: Available to download on the KAMS webpage.
(2) Exhibition agreement with the Korean artist/partner.
(3) Other materials (*optional) Materials considered useful for the screening process include, but are not limited to, the following: press releases, articles, and portfolios.

How to apply
□ Application period: January 20, ~ March 21, 2022, 11:59p.m. (KST)
□ Applicant must complete the application form in English and submit it to KAMS via email: art.abroad@gokams.or.kr

Visual Arts Planning Team, Korea Arts Management Service(KAMS):


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