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Nam June Paik Art Center Symposium : Tunes of Comradeship:Paik and Mekas

posted 28 July 2022

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From left: Jonas Mekas, Nam June Paik, Ono Yoko, and Vytautas Landsbergis. Photo: Lithuanian Culture Institute, Image provided by Nam June Paik Art Center

Nam June Paik Art Center presents the International symposium: “Gift of Nam June Paik 14—Tunes of Comradeship: Paik and Mekas” on July 29, 2022.

In commemoration of Nam June Paik’s 90th anniversary, Nam June Paik Art Center presents a series of exhibitions and events, including the exhibition Nam June Paik, Super Baroque that begins on July 20, Paik’s birthday. This year also marks Jonas Mekas’s centenary, and Nam June Paik Art Center organizes the 14th edition of its symposium series Gift of Nam June Paik, in collaboration with Lithuanian Culture Institute and Dong-Eui Univ’s Cinema & Transmedia Institute.

Centered around Fluxus movements from the late 1960s in New York, Paik and Mekas, truly avant-garde artists of the time, were one of the closest friends to each other. They did together a “political fluxus performance” reading The Charter of the United Nations respectively in Korean and in Luthuanian in 1968; Paik staged a series of performances such as Fluxus Sonata at Mekas’s Anthology Film Archives; and they organized a roundtable “On Liberation, Arts and Cultural Imperialism: A conversation between Susan Sontag, Vytautas Landsbergis, Nam June Paik, and Jonas Mekas” in 1994, to name but a few examples of their working together.

With a title, Tunes of Comradeship: Paik and Mekas this symposium aims to address the themes that are related to their artistic activities as avant-garde artists. The contributors participating in this program will connect the two artists from their own individual viewpoints.

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