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The Floorplan, 《Framing Spaces》

posted 30 Aug 2022

Framing Spaces.png

Framing Spaces, 2022. Design by Dokho Shin.

The Floorplan presents Framing Spaces with Na Kim at einBuch.haus from September 1 to October 8, 2022. Framing Spaces is an exhibition that presents various conceptions and interpretations of space as the framework for art accumulated over the course of three years. Following the online exhibition Your Floorplan (2020) and the newspaper exhibition _Framing Floorplans _(2021), Framing Spaces is situated in a tangible gallery and continues to examine the ways in which art is recontextualized, perceived, experienced, and interacted with through different framings. The exhibition shows a new body of works by Na Kim, inspired by the artworks of the participating artists, designers, architects, writer, and musician in the two previous exhibitions.

Using the term “floorplan” as a metaphor for representing the spatial cognition of each artist, Your Floorplan commissioned nine art practitioners—Liam Gillick, Goldin+Senneby, Seung-hye Hong, Young-gyu Jang, Jidon Jeong, Jin and Park, Hyunseon Kang, Daum Kim, and Hyunjoon Yoo—for new works that envisaged the online as a conceptual and abstract space, instead of a substitute for the “real,” and then presented their works online. In the following year, Framing Floorplans transferred the online exhibition into a printed rendition while considering paper as a space for art, and was distributed at many art institutions and bookstores to intervene in the physical space. Designed by Dokho Shin, Framing Floorplans manifested how the digitally represented artworks were translated to printed matter by conceptualizing time as its axis. It also includes a dialogue between the curator and the architect Markus Miessen about the online and offline as spaces.

Framing Floorplans, the printed exhibition, is also being distributed by the gallery for the first time in Berlin. By interweaving different framings of art and framing various artists’ ideas about space encompassing from the abstract to the substantial, Framing Spaces navigates the possibilities that the framings of art can present, and ultimately seeks to expand the notion of space-time and the ways of perceiving, experiencing, and interacting with art in this ever-changing world.


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