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The Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong, 《Flèche》

posted 06 Sep 2022


The Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong and Property Holdings Development Group jointly present 《Flèche》, which exhibits 10 new artworks of Korean Artist LEE Eunsae and Hong Kong Artist Michele CHU from 25 August to 24 September 2022.

《Flèche》 means “arrow” in French, but when spoken, evokes skin. How can a site of piercing—of trauma—also reveal the self? In a new exhibition jointly presented by Property Holdings Development Group and Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong, two artists investigate somatic experience and porousness, creating space for what our flesh remembers, reveals, and holds on the surface.

In her paintings, Korean artist LEE Eunsae expands tensions between viewer, work, and artist. Interpreted as social commentaries on the modern condition—in particular Asia’s fraught history with media consumption, collective violence, and feminism—her previous works presented ghostly shapes and urban scenes. In this new series, LEE pivots toward abstract gesture by recalling her experiences using hair removal cream. Sticky and pungent, the cool mass of cream and tangled hair is revealed on the canvas, as well as the abject actions of smearing, wiping, and cleaning. Embodied in these painterly strokes is LEE’s own wrestling with the vanities of feminine normativity, slippery and conflicted—a story that unfolds across the surface of our skin.


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